In "Out of My Minds", Maxima offers a unique autobiography in the form of a conversation between her physical mind and her Higher Self. But it's not just your ordinary biography; it's also a self-help and a spiritual book.


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In Out of My Minds, Maxima offers a a unique autobiography in the form of a conversation between her physical mind and the spiritual mind, the Higher Self.

Maxima Miller has faced a host of adversity in her lifetime, but she has grown into a happy and strong person. This memoir narrates the story of her life, seamlessly blending Miller’s beliefs, dreams, and visions while providing directions for self-help. Miller tells how she’s lived an eventful existence and first started writing this book as a way to make sense of her own life. She chronicles events from her childhood, relationships, motherhood, work, and health but also extraordinary experiences, spirituality, religion, and the threat on her life. 

Along the way, Miller provides the reader with the life lessons she’s learned. After each chapter Miller includes reflections, which are short instructions designed to help the reader to live a more fulfilling life themselves. Overall Miller teaches that the power of living a great life is in every one’s own hands.

Out of My Minds is a great read for anyone who’s interested in the spiritual, supernatural, self-development, and autobiographies.

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"But here too, there’s something that you need to learn.

Something that’s really hard for you. Something that’s very understandable though, considering your experiences in life. 

One of the things you need to learn is to ask for help!"


"The author demonstrates in this book how she liberated herself from a past that that was very difficult to accept. It reveals the power of working through a problem rather than accepting it as given. She did not change the past, nobody is able to do this, but came to terms with it. That allowed her closing off the past as 'that what was yesterday' and enabling her to embrace and enjoy today. It is a great story, but much more. It continuously motivates the reader to think about their own past and own problems and how to best address them. It is about the power of the mind, the thought, and the word. Read it and you will want to write your own book!"
- William Eagle, Author and Publisher

“Maxima’s book is a compelling story of struggle, survival, and infinite courage in the face of adversity: a must read!” 

- Alexander Selimov, Ph.D. award-winning poet & professor at the University of Delaware, USA