Sometimes it all of the sudden hits me; the wonder of life!
We don't understand any of it, but it is happening in and around us, every time, all the time and everywhere. And we don't have a clue how it all works, or why it works. Yet it is here.

Just standing still for a moment, I enjoy the sun. I feel the radiation of the sun on my skin, warming it instantly. I look and see grass and flowers and trees glowing in its rays. How beautiful and seemingly without any effort at all.

Did you ever stand still one moment in the glory of this world, just enjoying it, just wondering how it all can be at all? How the sun shines, how the flower blossoms, how we grow, how the dog barks? Isn't it amazing how it all works together. Isn't it a real wonder?

While enjoying the sun, my eyes were drawn to this beautiful tree. it's leaves seemed to glitter in the sunlight, like they were made out of pure silver; fresh, shiny, beautiful.

Then I caught sight of these amazing flowers. And as I stood still to admire the blossoms, I observed bee after bee, after bee collecting the pollen. How come these bees fly, how come they go after the pollen, how come they exist? It is a miracle.

It wasn't just about what was happening there and then, but more so about the why and how it was possible at all.

There was a miracle happening that led the flower blossom to exist.

There was a miracle happening that led the bees to exist.

There was a miracle happening that led the bees to the pollen.

There are miracles all around us, inside of us. It makes our hearts beat, it makes us breath, it makes us love and laugh. It makes us to be where we are right now.

It is everywhere, and no one can really understand it.

Miracles do happen! They are right here and right now. You just have to be able to notice them, so open your eyes for the wonders of life.

With Love,

Maxima Miller

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