Yesterday I was helping one of my daughters painting some poles. She has a young 6 month old son who didn't want to go to sleep. Those poles needed to be painted as they would be part of a pergola that was going to be build over the weekend. So, my daughter really needed her son to sleep.
In the end I ended up driving him around the block, because that normally gets him to sleep. But no, he didn't want to sleep. Instead he was crying louder and louder.
Then I started to sing a beautiful love song, as I was thinking about how much I love that little boy. And, within two minutes he calmed down, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

I remembered then that I used music to fall asleep myself. At the time I was in quite a bit of pain. I'd had surgery and they had reconstructed my shoulder. I was in so much pain that falling asleep was impossible. I then started listening to calming music. I particularly like angel healing music and binaural beats to heal and calm the body and mind.

It's true, music is a great aid when you want to sleep. But music can do so much more. I also used music when studying and even at work when I needed to concentrate. I know, it sounds counter productive, but reality is that music creates a clearer mind. Obviously not just any music. The music I would choose for studying and work was always instrumental music. Light classical would work best for me. I know that there is also more upbeat music available for focus, work and study, but I didn't really like that while working. I might however well work for you.

I find that YouTube is a fantastic source of all types of music. Just type in "music for work", "music for sleep" and you'll find great music that can help you. 

I also use binaural beats for many different situations, where I need pain relieve, need to sleep, need to concentrate, or when I want to meditate. Binaural beats are more sounds, beats, than really music, but I like it, and it seems to work for me.

Music is a great stress reducer as well. I often listen to either uplifting music and dance a long. Music is said to be boosting athletic performance, and I can totally understand why. Music always makes me want to get up and move.

Other times when it is calming music, I prefer to close my eyes, sit still and listen.

And here is an interesting fact: Music can help you lose weight, because it makes you feel full sooner. This means that you'll be eating less! I didn't know this. I guess from now on we'll be listening to music when we are having our meals.

I learned long time ago that music helps you learning, so it's great for when you are studying. I believe that Mozart, Vivaldi and Brahms are great music for studying.

Apparently music can also help you fight infections and can heal. I've read somewhere that there have been over 400 different studies proving that music can often be as good as medication when you have an infection.

I find that depending on my mood, I prefer to listen to different music. When I am feeling tired and stressed, I like to listen to calming music, while other times I love to listen to dance music. Classical music I listen to at other times. I like that when I need to concentrate. But then again, I wouldn't listen to just any classical music.

You have probably, just like me, found out that music can help you in different ways. It's always great fun to listen to some new music and find out what effect is has on you. 

In whatever way music helps, for me the biggest effect it has, is that it makes me happy. It makes me want to sing and dance, and jump. I love both singing and dancing, so music is a big part of my life. My family always comments on that they know something is not quite right with me, when a day goes by without me singing and listening to music. 

One of the songs that is upbeat and always makes me happy is "Celebration" from Kool & The Gang. This song always reminds me to enjoy life and celebrate all the good times and things we have in our lives.

There are other songs too that I love for different reasons and in different times or for different moods. What about you? What is music to you, and what effect does it have on your daily life? Is it maybe time to listen to music a bit more often?

Music is an amazing gift that we can enjoy at any time of the day, so enjoy the calming, healing, rejuvenating sounds, that are great for your body, mind and your soul.

With Love,

Maxima Miller

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