For a long time I'd been wondering what my purpose in life could be. Reading about how to find my soul purpose, I understood that it would be something that would make me happy. It would be something that I would love doing.

So I thought about that hard and long... and even longer...

What could it be?

One thing I knew was that I did no longer wanted to do what I had done for most of my life; working in IT. It wasn't that I didn't like it. I am a very structured, rational person and as such IT had always suited me.

However there always was this nagging feeling that there was more, that I was supposed to do something else. But what? That was the big question.

There are so many things I absolutely love doing. So many things that make my soul sing.

How could I know, and also how could I make a choice out of all these things that I really like?

For a very long time it kept on playing on my mind without finding an answer.

Would it be writing? Would it be dancing? Would it be singing? Should I become a public speaker or maybe even a female priest or a motivational speaker? Or should I maybe become a designer? I like to bring joy and happiness to people, make people laugh and feel good. That as such was clear. The how of that, wasn't clear to me at all.

I truly didn't know.

In the mean time I did write and publish a book. I started writing my second book and already had ideas for my third book. There was just so much I wanted to put on paper, so many ideas I wanted to express.

I also started to meditate a lot more. I had let that slip in the past, which was a shame because I know that meditation always helps be to be more relaxed and happier. I also got back on my spiritual path and started re-reading some books. I consulted a medium, prayed and asked for clarity. I asked for a very clear sign about my purpose. What should I be doing?

However no matter what I did, I didn't get any clarity about my soul purpose.

And then, totally unexpected, the answer came. While being away for a weekend, I found this huge black feather laying in the grass. I picked it up, held it in my hand like a pen or brush and received instant clarity! Feathers are signs from our angels, and for me the message was clear.

Bringing joy and happiness through writing is my true calling, but...this can be in all types of creative forms. It doesn't necessarily need to be a book. It can be writing for a website, it can be writing for a magazine, it can be writing comedy.

My aha moment didn't stop there though. I also realized at that same moment that it didn't need to end there. Who says that I cannot do all of the things I like doing. I may not be able to do them all at the same time, but I can still find opportunities to bring happiness through singing, dancing, speaking and designing as well.

And so, there it was; this feather gave me a clear purpose and direction, and changed my life!

With Love,

Maxima Miller


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