Fun is an essential part of life. I always say that fun makes your soul sing and makes you happy. Today my life is filled with a lot of fun, but that wasn't always so. I went through dark times with not much fun at all. But that has all changed. Now having fun is part of my daily life and I wouldn't want to do without it.

I feel sometimes that some people think that they are not allowed to have fun. Like they feel guilty about it. But we all have the right to have fun. It's your soul's right to laugh, giggle, radiate.

I remember having fun when my dad had just passed away. My mother, my sister and I were preparing for his funeral, and I was supposed to speak during the service. The speech by itself was no problem at all. I had plenty to say as I had enjoyed a great relationship with my dad. What I found hard was the end of the speech. How would I end it? I was just struggling with that. Then my mind came up with an idea; I would just bow at the end, and that was it. I bowed in front of my mother and sister to show them, and they couldn't stop laughing. It was so silly!

Of course on the day of my dad's funeral I didn't bow, but it just shows how you can still have a little fun and laugh a little even when you are going through a hard time.

Now, I hear you say, that's great, but my life isn't fun at all. My life isn't fun and I do not have fun. Well, I guess then it's time to change that. There are so many things you can do to enjoy a laugh. It really isn't so hard to add a bit of fun to your life. Once you start doing that and do that on a regular basis, it becomes a habit, and it will be easier and easier to create fun times.

First of all don't take yourself too seriously. There is no reason to be serious and stressed all the time. I do take myself with a big wink. I know that I can be absolutely silly. I love to act silly. It makes me laugh, and it makes a lot of other people laugh as well.

Imagine two grown up men on bicycles taking their feet of the peddles and letting the bicycles roll. Do you think these two men are having fun? I can certainly imagine they do. And what they are doing is nothing big or hard. They have only taken their feet from the peddles and let the bicycle roll by itself. Yoohoo...let it go! Instead of using their bicycle the normal way they have created a little moment of fun and laughter.

See, to create fun, you don't need to do anything big. Fun is normally found in the little things. You do not need to go to Disney Land to have fun, you do not have to wait for that holiday to have fun. Fun is here and now, and for you to create.

Here are some ideas that could create fun and a good laugh:

  • Make silly drawings, for example a cat with a bird's beak
  • Sing out loud with a different voice
  • Dance with your arms crossed
  • Try to cook with only one hand
  • Type with your nose
  • Blow some bubbles
  • Slurp your tea
  • Make spiky hair or funny ponytails
  • Drive three times around a roundabout (only when there is no one else)
  • Watch a funny movie
  • Make an artwork out of sand, twigs and leaves
  • Blow up a kids bath, fill it with water and bubbles, sit in it and splash around
  • Have a dress up party, just like kids do...

One of my favorite things is to pretend I am a ducky. I waggle and make duck sounds. I also replace words in a song with "quack, quack, quack, quack" in a silly voice.

It always makes me and the people around me laugh and have a good time.

Get it? It mostly comes down to doing something that you normally wouldn't do. But hey, who says that you can't? The limitations are only in your mind. Who says you always have to act "normal"?

With Love,

Maxima Miller

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