About a week or two ago I read a Facebook post that I was asked to share. It was about nurses. It talked about how nurses can make your life so much better when you're sick, about how them holding your hand when you are scared can make a huge difference, and how giving you medicine can make the difference about life and death.

It talked about how in their work it doesn't really matter what day of the week it is. It doesn't matter if it is Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday. Any day of the week there are people who need nurses to care for them and take care of them. They work their buts off for only a small pay, but they make a huge difference in people's lives.

I happily shared the post, as I believe nurses do a fantastic job and are often undervalued.

Then, after I shared the Facebook post, I sat down, and I was thinking. Yes, nurses absolutely make a huge difference in people's lives.

But what about firefighters who risk their lives every time they go out there when there is a fire?

What about policemen who risk their lives trying to make our world a safer place?

What about members of the State Emergency Services (SES) who are mainly volunteers, and who help us in a whole range of different situations, when our streets are flooding or when trees are coming down, to a helping a scared cat that it stuck in a tree?

What about doctors, who help us getting better?

What about the care takers in our retirement villages, who take care of our seniors?

What about vets who help our pets we love so dearly?

They are all heroes, who deserve our respect and our support.

But then I was thinking, what about all those unseen heroes, those people who are there to help, to spread love, to take care of others? I was thinking about those heroes that never get praise, that just help, because that is what they do, and that is who they are.

Yes, the nurses, doctors, fire fighters and all those others are clear heroes in my eyes. They are the visible ones, the heroes we would automatically think of, because of the clearly visible good work that they do.

But what about the taxi driver who helps an elderly person by carrying the groceries inside?

What about the little boy who finds an injured bird, and takes it to a vet?

What about the farmers who ensure that there is milk and bread that we can buy?

What about the train driver who gets us from one point to another?

What about the receptionist at the hotel who greets us with a smile?

What about the shop assistant who helps you find your product?

What about the admin who without being seen also touches your life?

It made me realize that we are all heroes in one way or another, often without realizing it. I come across heroes everyday. These are the people that make my life a little better, give a little bit of love, provide a little care, and it doesn't matter what their profession is. It is not the profession that provides care, it is the person behind who decides if he or she wants to be a hero for that day. Remember that even just a smile can change someone's live. We don't need to do "big" things. It's often in the little unseen things that true love and care can be found. It's in the little things we'll find our everyday heroes!

With Love,

Maxima Miller

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