It took me a long time to really connect with my guardian angels. To be honest I wasn't even sure if they existed at all. But then one day during a meditation I clearly saw my guardian angel. It was a strong male angel with gigantic wings. Then a bit later during meditation I met my two other guardian angels. One is female and the other one a young boyish angel.

They all have a different purpose in my life. The gigantic male angels helps be to be strong and courageous. The female angel assists me with my creativity and intuition, and the young angel is my angel of fun and joy.

Have you met your guardian angel(s)? Let's explore what guardian angels are and how they help.

One of the strongest beliefs that many people have is that each person has been an appointed a guardian angel to watch over them throughout their entire life. Some believe that they have more than one guardian angel.

A guardian angel is a spirit that watches over and helps a specific person. They are there to guide and protect this person. There are also guardian angels that are assigned to a group, a place or a country.

You don't choose your Guardian Angel; they choose you. Guardian Angels choose to protect you and they promise to stand by you and be your guardian throughout your entire life. This was a promise made in the spiritual world before you came to this earth. They love you and respect you and sometimes share a deep bond with your soul. They love you infinitive times more than you would for example love your pet.

Guardian Angels know and understand you better than anyone elseAs a guardian angels chooses you, they they with you all your life and therefore they know you better than anyone else. They were already with you before you were born. This means that they know your soul, and not just the physical you. They know and understand your heart inside out. There is no need to hide from them, because they love you unconditionally. By knowing you so well, they are the best counselors you could ever find to guide you through life.

Guardian angels also know your purpose, what you planned to do here on earth, what you came here for to learn or to teach. They will be right there for you to guide you to achieve what you want to achieve. Therefor they are here to assist you fulfilling your purpose. They want your soul to shine and be happy.

Guardian Angels do not judge. They know you inside out, naked and dressed. They know your deepest dreams and fears. They know your mistakes and hopes.

But they do not judge because they understand that a mistake is just a mistake, and that you are here to learn from your mistakes. They also understand that often you didn't intentionally made a mistake. Often they welcome mistakes because that provides an opportunity for you to grow. They will help you to understand your mistake and learn from it.

Angels will help you in times of crisis, even if the crisis was caused by yourself. They will be there for you in jail, in hospital, when you are drunk or angry. And they will forgive you time and time again.

Guardian Angels love to help, even if you do not believe in them. If you never ask the angels for help, or never pray, they are still there to help you. They do anything to make your life better, more interesting, happier and more satisfying. They understand very well how hard it is for some people to believe in them, just because most can't see them. But they are there for you whether you pray or not, whether you see them or not, whether you believe or not.

Guardian Angels feel emotions and have a soul. Angels are very emotional beings and are very soulful. They are very compassionate and loving towards you, and this is because they have a soul and feel emotions. In that way they are very much like you. They can also feel your emotions, so they feel exactly what you feel. This helps them to help you even better.

Ask for help and your Guardian Angel will feel empowered to help even more. Angels love assisting you, and when you ask for help they get really happy, because that is what they are supposed to do; helping is their mission. It is like they get empowered by your requests and start helping you even more. It is important though that you really ask for help. If you are anything like me, then you may sometimes forget to ask. Asking for help is as simple as asking through your thoughts, in a meditation, in prayers, or by writing your question down.

Will your Guardian Angel give you what you want? In general, the answer to this question is yes, they will do anything they can to fulfill your wishes as they honor your free will. However there are two main reasons why they decide not to grant your request for help. Firstly they will not help if your wishing something that is really bad for other people. Secondly they will not help if it goes totally against your purpose here on earth, in this lifetime.

Connect with your Guardian Angel. Guardian angels feel empowered to help more when you ask for help. The more you connect with them, the more they can help you. Therefor loving them and asking for their assistance will make you happier as well. Your guardian angel is your best friend and your biggest helper, so take time to connect with them - a thought can go a long way.

So, have you met your Guardian Angel(s)? If not, one way of meeting them is through meditation and asking for them to come forward and show themselves in your mind's eye during the meditation.

With Love,

Maxima Miller

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