This weekend my husband and I were watching the sunset at our rural property. It was absolutely beautiful as well as very peaceful.

Then my gaze shifted to the neighbor's property. Earlier that day there had been many cows grazing around the trees, but now they were all gone. Then in a distance I saw a little calf in the grass all by herself.

I was confused. It was just sitting there in the grass all by herself. That was unusual. All the other cows had left to graze somewhere else, and I couldn't see any of them.

As the calf didn't moved, I started to get more and more concerned by the minute. What was happening? Why didn't it move? Why hadn't it left with the other cows?

Was she sick? Apparently cows leave their sick cows to tend to themselves. I wondered if this little white calf could be sick or even dead. But then I saw her move. She was getting up, she stretched her legs and walked around for a few steps. Then she was laying down again. So she was alive, but obviously something was going on.

As I was on a phone call at the same time, I asked my husband to call the owner. Unfortunately the owner didn't pick up, so my husband left a voice message. I was deeply concerned and asked him to leave a text message as well.

Then I asked my guardian angles for help. I asked them to do anything that needed to be done in order for this little calf to get help and to feel good.

I was waiting for anything to happen. In the mean time it was slowly getting darker. I prayed that this little thing would get help before the night would come. I wanted it to feel safe. I wanted it to feel okay.

It was really upsetting to see her so alone, and not being able to do anything for her.

Then, just before the last light disappeared, I saw the calf jumping up and mooing, and from the corner of my eye I saw a big cow running towards her. I assumed it was her mother. The little calf was so excited. I could feel it's joy. Finally she was no longer alone. I saw her moving towards her mother and then she started to drink.

I was so relieved! The mother came back for her child. Thank God.

Only the next day we got a message back from our neighbor. It turned out that the little calf was blind! No wonder it didn't move around or walk away. All that time it had been waiting for her mother to come and get her.

The thought that crossed my mind was that it was great to see how the mother cow obviously cared about her baby. She did come back to find her, feed her, and take her back to the other cows. I was touched to see that the mother didn't leave her disabled child to die. She did care about her and was taking care of her. That was nice to see. I know that it is hard on the mother, but she came anyway.

The imperfect, whether that's a cow, a monkey, a dog or a human being, all deserve our care. I know that that is not always easy to do, but they do need us to take care of them as best as we can, to give them a life that is at the very least full of love!

As for this little calf; my neighbor told me she wasn't sure what to do with her. I guess for now she can stay with her mother for a bit longer. But that may not be a good permanent solution.

I decided to do some research and have found a sanctuary for disabled or abused animals. I have just informed my neighbor. Let's hope that this little calf will find a loving home either in this sanctuary or somewhere else.

With Love,

Maxima Miller

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